JOhn middlebrook poetry

John Middlebrook uses poetry to reexamine familiar modes of thought and feeling which he seeks to give a fresh perspective.  

One of these mental modes is the desire to know how things work and feel in their raw and prejudged state. In this context, John’s poetry probes the naïve, unfiltered feelings and images of the natural world which is most accessible to children as well as to scientists and explorers. This poetry grounds us in the underlying reality upon which we build our moral and social universe. 

Another frame of references John explores through poetry is the idealism and aspirations that we are given as we grow and hope to become something important. In this state of the mind, we are tempted by heroic quests, and we build ladders from which we may one day fall. 

A third subject John explores through poetry is that of social institutions and communities.  In this arena of thought and action, we are surrounded by others who have their own version of our story resulting in a shared culture and destiny.    

John lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he manages a consulting firm focused on non-profit organizations. He has been writing since he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, where he also served on the staff of Chicago Review. His poetry has recently appeared in Curio Poetry and Cleaver Magazine. A full list of publications can be found here.